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The back-to-school season brings a host of fresh challenges. Whether it’s getting children dressed and fed before the bus or working the homework routine in with your other responsibilities, this time of the year can be especially strenuous and stressful. On top of it all, you’ll also need to ward off the many bugs and illnesses that tend to come with the new school year, including the back-to-school bug.

Keep your Lake Worth, Florida, home as healthy as possible this fall with these smart routines.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

It’s inevitable that some viruses and bacteria will make their way into your home. One of the best ways to deal with this is to create strong fortifications that will keep clean air circulating freely. Your HVAC system is at the heart of your home comfort. Make sure it’s in prime condition so you can enjoy comfortable temperatures and good air flow throughout the home.

You should schedule a maintenance visit for your HVAC system at least once a year. During this visit, our service technicians will make sure your heating and air conditioning units are free from dust, dirt and other irritants in those hard-to-clean areas. Regular maintenance also ensures the most efficient operation possible.

Keep Your Home Spotless

When you’re battling the back-to-school bug, it’s important to address cleanliness in your home. Vacuum your carpets twice a week, clean hard floors weekly, and disinfect your dining and food prep surfaces after every use. Keep sheets and towels fresh. Wipe off door knobs, toilet handles, light switches and other areas that see a lot of traffic daily.

As you’re cleaning the home, don’t forget to clean the air. Installing a whole-home air purifier or UV lamp will help your family stay healthy by capturing and killing airborne irritants and viruses before they can attack you.

Enforce Healthy Routines

The start of the school year means a lot of adjustments to your regular routines. Make sure these routines include the necessary steps to keep your family healthy. Get into the habit of serving a healthy breakfast, even to those who are reluctant to eat in the morning. Remind children to wash their hands frequently. Encourage the family to leave shoes and jackets by the door to prevent germs and allergens from tracking through the house.

Remember to also include smart home management routines in your rotation, too. Adjust your HVAC system’s thermostat to your new schedule. Mark your calendar for monthly HVAC filter changes during the bustling back-to-school season so you have a clean filter that’s ready to catch any airborne troubles.

Check Your Ventilation

Proper ventilation is important for a healthy home. While sealing the home tight will prevent energy-wasting drafts, it’ll also hold stale and unhealthy air inside if it isn’t properly ventilated. Incorporate a professional whole-house ventilation system into your home. This will allow fresh outdoor air to enter through filtered openings while pushing old air out of the home. Good ventilation helps prevent irritants like mold and mildew. It also allows viruses and bacteria to escape, helping to protect your family from infectious diseases.

Give Everyone Their Own Space

Make sure everyone in the home has their own area, particularly if they’re feeling ill. Separating those who are suffering from a back-to-school bug will help to prevent the illness from spreading. Provide them with their own box of tissues, keep all dishes and cups separate, and encourage them to cozy up in a private bedroom or other secluded part of the house. Provide personalized water bottles for everyone at all times to prevent the spread of illnesses.

Clean air is a critical part of maintaining a healthy home, and we can give you smart solutions to address any issues with your indoor air quality. If you need help maintaining healthy, comfortable air in your home, contact Mechanical Air Conditioning at 561-899-4587.

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