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With the Florida summer sunshine here to stay, your air conditioning bills will start climbing. Try these eco-friendly air conditioning tips to save energy and money this summer.

Set Your Temperature Higher When You’re Away

Gradually changing your temperature settings 5 to 7 degrees higher during the time you’re away from home can save you a significant amount on your energy bills each month. Program your thermostat to begin slowly increasing the temperature during the time you’re at work. Set the program to slowly lower it to your comfort setting by the time you return home.

Consider a Programmable Thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat will help you set your temperatures when you’re away from your home and when you sleep. Set a program that raises the temperature when you’re away and slowly cools it down to make it the optimal temperature for when you arrive home. If you’re planning a few days away, consider increasing the temperature for the duration of your trip.

Stay Cool in the Shade

On particularly hot days when the sun is intense, you can cool your home by drawing the shades or pulling the blinds. If you enjoy letting the sunshine in your home, let the sunshine in in the early morning or evening hours. That’s when the heat from it will be less intense.

Control Humidity With Your Air Conditioning Fan

On particularly humid days, resist the urge to heavily rely on air conditioning system to accommodate. Instead, put the fan on your AC system on low. When the fan blades move slower, the AC system will help to remove moisture out of the air. You won’t only cool the home but also reduce the humidity in it.

Screen in Your Windows

Solar screens aren’t only a great way to prevent unwanted bugs from entering your home. They’re also a good way to reduce your overall cooling costs. Screens are made to help filter the light and up to 70 percent of the solar energy entering via your windows. It’s important to note that for solar screens to be fully effective, you’ll need to keep your windows closed during hot days.

Plant Some Shade Around Your Home

Blocking the sun’s warm rays is a great way to improve your energy costs while adding to the look of your home. Trees and tall shrubs in front of windows or in the path where the light’s rays enter the home when they’re the strongest can help filter the light and reduce the heat in your home.

When looking for long-term planting efforts that can help you keep energy costs down, plant large leafy trees. They can provide your roof with protection from the sun and help keep your home cooler throughout the season. As a result, it’ll lead to a longer-term reduction in energy bills.

Don’t Use Appliances on Hot Days

Your stove and oven can output a significant amount of heat, causing your air conditioning to kick into high gear. On extremely hot days, limit your use of these appliances or consider using them later in the evening when the temperatures have cooled. You can also reduce heat in your home by shutting down your computer when it’s not in use. These actions may seem small but can amount to large savings over time.

Keep Your AC System Maintained

A well-maintained air conditioning system is more efficient. You should change the system’s filter each month. Schedule professional maintenance at the beginning of the season. Having regularly scheduled maintenance can keep your unit clean, free of debris and working optimally. This will ensure that you’re not wasting energy due to problems with your system.

Schedule your summer maintenance by calling Mechanical Air at 561-899-4587 today. Our HVAC experts will help you achieve extreme summer savings so you can use those funds for the funner things in life.

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