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Ducted HVAC systems are popular choices for winter comfort in South Florida, but they’re not your only option. Commonly used in Europe and Asia, ductless systems are quickly gaining ground on their central air rivals in the United States. They adapt easily to virtually any application, and their exceptional energy efficiency levels save you money year round. Since they provide both heating and cooling, ductless systems also deliver a level of comfort that’s hard to beat in your Jupiter, Florida, home.

Zoning in on Your Comfort

Ductless systems are made up of individual air handlers that are all connected to a single outdoor unit. This point-of-use operation means you can customize your comfort in different living spaces throughout your home. Models typically come with remote controls, so you won’t have to leave your favorite easy chair to adjust the settings. In the winter, zoning gives you the option to heat only the rooms that you’re actually using.

High-Performing Heating Efficiency

Unlike conventional furnaces, ductless HVAC units do on rely on ductwork to distribute heat. Their design gives them significantly better heating efficiency than fuel-burning heaters. They’re even more impressive when compared to electric heaters. Replacing an electric heating system with a ductless model can cut your heating expenses in half. Imagine enjoying all the warming comfort you want without worrying about sky-high heating bills!

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Whether you use a ducted or ductless system, the air delivered should be of the highest quality for your health and comfort. Eliminating ductwork makes it easier to prevent dust and allergens from accumulating indoors. With a ductless system, each unit has its own filter that helps to clean the air and balance humidity levels.

At Mechanical Air Conditioning Corp, we’re proud to provide South Florida with a complete selection of HVAC solutions. From indoor air quality products to ductless heating and cooling systems, we’re dedicated to improving your health and comfort. To learn more, browse our featured HVAC options or call us at 561-899-4587.

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