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Springtime is beautiful, especially in Palm Beach, Florida. The winter cold disappears for the rest of the year, and all the trees and flowers come back into full bloom. The foliage is lovely and lush, but it brings back more than just color. With it comes pollen, grass, and a whole host of other allergens that can wreak havoc on you and your family.

Your home is your castle and should be a safe haven from the contaminants floating in the air. That’s why indoor air quality is so important, especially for people with respiratory issues. Many commercially available whole-home air purifiers exist to help improve air quality. Here are a few benefits of installing a whole-home purifier this spring:

Get Rid of Odors

No matter how much of a cleaning nut you are, it’s impossible to remove all the tiny particles that create bad smells. Even vacuuming doesn’t remove all these contaminants. A whole-home purifiers can capture and destroy those particles before they have a chance to settle and smell.

Combat Allergens

You clean, dust and vacuum. You’ve checked all the seals around your doors and windows, yet your asthma or hay fever is still making you suffer. Surface cleaning can only remove so many of these particles. Once they settle into crevices, they can fester and grow. A whole-home purifier, especially one with a HEPA filter, can trap these contaminants before they reach your lungs.

Make Living With Pets Easy

You love your pet, and your pet loves you. Your pet also brings hair, skin dander, dirt and even traces of urine into your house. Pet-specific HEPA air purifiers are built to handle the allergens and odors your best friend creates.

We all want to breathe easier in our own homes. The professionals at Mechanical Air Conditioning can help. Contact us at 561-899-4587 to find a whole-home purifier that works for you.

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