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If you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills for your Lake Park, Florida, home, hidden air leaks may be to blame. Invisible leaks in your ducts, windows and walls allow conditioned air to escape. This makes it harder to keep your home comfortable at your desired temperature.

Air Ducts

Your ducts move air from your HVAC system into your home. If your ductwork isn’t sealed correctly or is leaking, a smaller percentage of air will make it through to heat or cool your home. As a result, your HVAC system will have to work harder and use more energy to heat or cool your home.

Windows and Doors

Even if you don’t feel a huge draft coming through your doors or windows, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a leak. Schedule an energy audit on your home to see how much air leaks out of it.

There are also plenty of do-it-yourself ways to check these air leaks, like lighting incense and seeing if the smoke escapes. When it’s time to update your windows, consider upgrading to high-efficiency models to prevent leaks.

Attics, Garages, Walls and Crawl Spaces

Attics, garages, crawl spaces and even your walls often have hidden leaks that affect your energy bills. If your energy bills spiked since last season, schedule one of our professionals to check out your insulation.

Without proper insulation, air is likely to leak out or in through these spaces. Attics, garages and crawl spaces are especially susceptible to air leaks if they aren’t adequately insulated.

If you have HVAC concerns or are worried about leaks in your home, we’re the experts to call. Contact Mechanical Air at 561-899-4587 to speak with one of our experienced service technicians.

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