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The average monthly electricity bill for residents in Florida is $123, which is a whopping 14.95 percent above the national average. When you factor in the state’s hot and humid summers, it’s safe to assume that most of those energy dollars are spent cooling the home. But that shouldn’t stop you from maintaining your heating system regularly too. Here’s how HVAC maintenance helps homeowners in Lake Park, Florida, save money on heating.

HVAC Maintenance Lowers Utility Bills

Residents in Florida pay the 9th highest monthly electricity bill in the country, and a portion of that is spent on heating the home. According to HVAC researchers, heating systems that operate at peak efficiency use up to 40 percent less energy. If you add a programmable thermostat into the mix, your monthly savings might be shocking.

HVAC Maintenance Reduces the Instance of Breakdowns

Your heating system has hundreds of components that work collectively to keep your family warm and cozy on those cool nights in Lake Park. HVAC maintenance reduces the risk of waking up to a freezing home because your heater broke down. That’s because, when a service technician inspects your unit, he or she will catch a possible issue early. And the key to reducing the instance of breakdowns and replacements is to repair minor issues as fast as possible.

HVAC Maintenance Extends Equipment Lifespan

The fewer times your heating system breaks down and needs repairs, the longer it’ll last while operating efficiently. Considering how much it costs to replace a heater, which ranges from $1,000 to $5,000, investing in routine maintenance makes sense. What’s more, you’ll have more time to save for when it’s actually time to buy a new heating system.

Lake Park’s winters are relatively mild, but you shouldn’t underestimate how cold some days and nights can become. The first step to protecting your family is to take care of your heating system. To ensure your heater is ready to operate efficiently through the chill, contact Mechanical Air Conditioning Corp. at (561) 899-4587 to lower your heating bill.

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