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In an age where efficiency, modern tech and energy consciousness rule above all else, you might wonder whether a heat pump is worth your while. The answer depends on your property, energy needs, and whether the installation and upkeep will offset your energy savings. Before installing a heat pump in Florida, consider the following pros and cons of these modern systems:

Pro: Efficiency

Heat pumps that run on electricity are a more efficient choice than gas-operated furnaces. Electricity is typically cheaper than natural gas. That means you can run one of these units for less than what it costs to run a furnace.

Con: Regional Limitations

Though the advantages of heat pumps are fantastic, they’re only an effective heating method in moderately temperate areas. If you live in a place with extremely cold winters, a heat pump will leave you wanting. This is good news for people who need heating services in Florida.

Pro: Installation Costs in New Homes

If you’re deciding between installing a furnace or a heat pump, you might save money with the latter choice. Heat pumps are usually cheaper to install in a new home than furnaces, because furnaces require a natural gas connection and an extensive system of ductwork. If these are already in place, however, you may save money by upgrading your furnace instead of switching to a heat pump.

Con: Lifespan and Dependability

Heat pumps are more complicated than furnaces, requiring more maintenance because they operate all year. As a result, they’re more likely to encounter problems. Furnaces also have longer lifespans than heat pumps, since you only use them in peak winter seasons. You’ll need to clean the furnace’s ductwork, though, so don’t forget to calculate this cost when you’re comparing options.

This is a quick look at some pros and cons of heat pumps and furnaces, but there’s a lot more to consider. If you have questions about either system or need to schedule maintenance services, reach out to Mechanical Air Conditioning at 561-899-4587.

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