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Despite our generally warm and sunny climate, most households in the Boynton Beach, Florida, area need to use heating equipment during winter. No one wants to be stuck at home shivering when the weather turns cold. Without proper system maintenance, however, even a top-notch heater can falter when you most need its comforting warmth. Discover why an HVAC maintenance agreement is your best insurance against rising heating costs and unexpected performance problems.

Why Maintenance Matters

You wouldn’t dream of driving your car year after year without regular service. The last thing you want is for your vehicle to break down due to an issue you could have easily avoided. The same logic applies to the HVAC system you rely on for winter comfort. Knowing that everything is working properly offers you peace of mind. Enrolling in a maintenance agreement is a convenient, affordable way to ensure that your heater always delivers peak performance.

Financial Savings

More than 80 percent of households in the Sunshine State use electricity to power heat pumps and furnaces. Whatever type of heater you use, keeping it running at top heating efficiency saves you money. Well-maintained heat pumps, for example, are up to 25 percent more efficient than those that are neglected. Optimizing heating efficiency helps to keep winter energy bills manageable, so you never have to sacrifice comfort to save money. When you sign up for a maintenance agreement with Mechanical Air Conditioning, you’ll enjoy additional savings too:

  • Comprehensive tuneups performed by our expert technicians extend the service life of your heating system.
  • Any potential problems can often be resolved on the spot, saving you from a breakdown in the future.
  • Customers enrolled in our maintenance plans receive a 15-percent discount on repairs.

Your Best Bet for Quality Service

At Mechanical Air Conditioning Corp., we view every maintenance call as an opportunity to earn your trust. We’re dedicated to meeting the comfort needs of the West Palm Beach region. You can learn more about our HVAC solutions or schedule service by calling 561-899-4587.

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