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Rattling, Short Cycling, and Low Pressure—Oh My!

So summer is winding down here in West Palm Beach. Are things less than ideal with your air conditioner? In a perfect world, you’d be able to run your air conditioner until the end of time without thinking about it. In our world though, it’s likely that you’re going to have some problems with your air conditioner.

You don’t have to fret when you run into issues like this. You can contact us when you need air conditioning repair in West Palm Beach, FL. You need a team that has the right experience, licensure, and knowledge of your area and climate. We have all of that here at our company—make sure you contact us today.

Common End of Summer AC Issues

Notice any of these air conditioning problems occurring in your home? It’s time for you to contact the professionals on our team today.

Rattling (And Other Odd Sounds)

Running your air conditioner shouldn’t be a noisy experience. You should still be able to watch your favorite show or listen to your current playlist without worrying about your air conditioner competing. Watch out for sounds like rattling. This is normally indicative of a loose part. Other noises like grating, banging, squeaking, or squealing are typically indicative of other issues. Our professional team can take a closer look at your system, pinpoint the problem, and fix it fast.

Short Cycling

“Short cycling” is a term that we use in the HVAC industry to describe the process of your air conditioner turning on, running for a very short amount of time, stopping, and then starting up again shortly after. Homeowners typically ignore this problem because it’s not incredibly disruptive. Trust us when we say that short cycling is a major problem that will wear down your home’s air conditioner fast. Contact us at the first sign of this issue.

Low Air Pressure

Notice that the air in your home just seems to trickle out of your vents? You should always expect a steady, strong stream of air to come out of the vents in your home. Low air pressure coming from your vents could either be a sign of trouble with your venting system or a problem at the source of your air conditioner. Don’t try to guess the source of the problem on your own or try to scour the Internet for guidance. Our professionals will provide you with personalized care that’s sure to fine-tune your home.

High AC Bills

Notice that your air conditioning bills seem a little high? Don’t try to reason a problem like this away. It’s not due to the high heat of summer and it’s not a problem that you can just deal with for a while because the end of the summer is on the horizon. Your air conditioner should be able to handle the high heat of a Florida summer without your air conditioning bill reaching astronomical levels. Contact our team today to learn more.

Contact Mechanical Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with the professionals on our team. We can get your air conditioner back in shape.

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