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Serving the Treasure Coast


Serving the Treasure Coast


UV Lights in West Palm Beach, FL

Air cleaners and purifiers are excellent additions to the indoor air quality collection of many homeowners throughout West Palm Beach, FL and beyond, but what about your ductwork? Think about it—contaminants and pollutants travel through your air ducts, where they can settle, and then be redistributed into your home every time your HVAC system cycles back on.

One method of combatting this is with routine air duct sanitizing, performed by the expert team of service technicians here at Mechanical Air Conditioning. This helps ensure that dust, dirt, and other debris are removed from your ducts. There’s one particular type of contaminant that can be lurking in your ducts, however, that needs something a bit more powerful: organic pollutants such as viruses, germs, bacteria, and harmful microbes. To eliminate these pollutants, you'll need the power of UV air purifier.

Family owned & operated over 40 years in Palm Beach County, we are your trusted source for UV light installation and services. Contact us today to get started!

Should You Have UV Lights Installed?

We get it—some homeowners are skeptical about the effectiveness of UV lights, also known as UV air purifiers, for their home. There are some huge benefits to these systems, though. One of the biggest advantages, for instance, is that the use of a UV air purifier can reduce the occurrence of airborne viruses and bacteria.

These bacteria are often so microscopic that a standard air filter or air filtration system cannot catch them. Without UV lights, these microorganisms can continue to circulate throughout your living space. Not to worry, though! You can simply call on the West Palm Beach, FL indoor air quality experts on our team and find a comprehensive solution to your needs.

How UV Lights Work

UV, or Ultraviolet, light systems are typically installed directly into your ductwork or air handlers. From there, the system interacts with all of the air that enters your home. They’re also usually installed after any air filters or air filtration systems, so that they can have optimal effectiveness. Otherwise, the dust particles that would have been caught by an air filter may block the light from the UV air purifier from reaching some of the microorganisms in your ductwork.

The light from the UV air purifier shines throughout your ductwork, eliminating bacteria and other unwanted organic pollutants. The UV rays are deadly to these contaminants, yet completely harmless to the people and pets who live in your home.

Professional UV Light Repair and Maintenance

Just like any other home comfort or indoor air quality system, your UV lights may eventually need to be repaired, whether it’s just replacing a burnt-out bulb or handling a more extensive issue. Fortunately, you can turn to our West Palm Beach team for whatever your UV lights service needs are!

And of course, you can help fend off any surprise repairs by investing in routine maintenance for your HVAC and indoor air quality systems. It’s during maintenance that our expertly trained service technicians can thoroughly check your home comfort systems, making any necessary adjustments and recommendations for repairs. Contact us today to learn about our maintenance service agreement.