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Serving the Treasure Coast


Serving the Treasure Coast


West Palm Beach, FL Central AC Services

Could you imagine trying to get through a summer in West Palm Beach without an effective air conditioner? We’d think not. This is why we provide efficient central air conditioner installations, in addition to repairs and thorough central AC maintenance to make sure your system stays in good shape for the years to come.

Investing in central air conditioning isn’t enough to guarantee your comfort. Yes, a professional installation and properly sized central cooling system are vital. However, your system must also be serviced regularly to operate at its best and to keep you cool as cost effectively as possible. Fortunately, you needn’t look any further than Mechanical Air Conditioning to ensure this is the case for your system.

Contact us today for your central air conditioning services in West Palm Beach, FL. We’re your trusted choice in AC repair and more!

Is Central AC Installation Right for You?

If you’re trying to cool only a single room, or even a very small space with limited room, then a window unit might be all that you need. But if you have a larger home to cool and you’re looking for truly comprehensive whole-house cooling, then a central AC system could be exactly what you need.

These systems are also referred to as split air conditioners, and they are much more effective and suitable than window units. Investing in a central AC installation or central AC replacement affords you evenly distributed conditioned air through your entire West Palm Beach, FL home.

What Is an Inverter Air Conditioner?

If you’ve been shopping for an AC system recently, you may have already heard of an inverter AC system. But what is inverter technology and how does it work?

A standard central air conditioner, without inverter technology, operates by cycling between an on and off state—turning on for a length of time, then when the temperature has been reached it cycles off. As the air slowly returns to match the outdoor temperature, the air conditioner turns back on again. Essentially, it either runs at 100% or doesn’t run at all.

This is a process that’s been working just fine for decades, but it’s not necessarily the most efficient way to cool your home! An inverter air conditioner is equipped with a special variable speed compressor that enables your air conditioner to operate within a full range of motor speeds, by analyzing the temperature and conditions inside your home and adjusting its output in order to maximize efficiency and your household comfort.

West Palm Beach AC Repair and Maintenance

Whether you have a traditional single-speed central air conditioner installed or a variable-speed inverter drive air conditioner, it’s important that you stay on top of your central AC repair needs. If you hear funny noises coming from your central AC, feel cold or hot spots in the house, or seem to be paying more for your energy usage than you think you should be, there’s a chance you’re in need of professional repairs.

Of course, the best way to fend off central AC repairs is by scheduling routine central AC maintenance. It is during maintenance that our West Palm Beach, FL service technicians are able to thoroughly inspect every component of your central air conditioner, make proper adjustments, and alert you to any small repair needs so you can get central AC repair on your schedule before they become bigger emergencies. Interested in learning more about our maintenance agreement? Reach out to our team today to enroll!