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Serving the Treasure Coast


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Here Are the Best Reasons to Always Schedule Heating Maintenance

If you’re thinking about putting off your heater service for this fall season, you need to keep reading to learn more about why heating maintenance is important every single year. Skipping out on just a single year of heating maintenance can have negative repercussions for your heater.

When you need to schedule heating maintenance in Jupiter, FL, give our team a call. We are local experts at all things heating and offer the highest quality service available. During a heater maintenance appointment we can also offer tips for how to maximize heater usage over the winter so you can lower your energy costs while still staying cozy and comfortable.


No matter what type of heater you have, your home faces some safety risks even with the best safeguards in place. Modern heaters are highly safe to use, but risks cannot completely be eliminated. Whether your heater is gas or electric, you face hazards from overheating, loose wires, and gas leaks. 

Gas leaks are dangerous because your family can breathe in the fumes, but they also pose fire hazards just like electrical problems. It’s better to have an annual inspection and stay ahead of any safety issues by identifying them early before they pose major risks to your family.

System Longevity

Annual tune-ups are also crucial to helping your heater last for a long time. Heaters can last for anywhere between 15 and 30 years (depending on the heater type), which is a pretty wide range of possibilities. When you invest in annual tune-ups consistently year after year, you have the best chance of your heater lasting for 30 years and potentially even longer. 

And let’s face it, the more life you get out of your current heater, the more that you were getting out of that initial investment you made when it was first installed. You’re also saving money over having to install a completely new heater and make that expensive investment again sooner.

Energy Savings

Tune-ups are also a great way to save money. We have a lot of homeowners who want to skip out on tune-ups since they are an out-of-pocket expense that they deem unnecessary. However, if you don’t make the financial investment tune-ups, you’ll just be making the investment later on by way of repairs when problems pop up. 

Maintenance is an opportunity to get ahead of repair needs and make tweaks to the system to keep it an excellent working condition. Skipping out on a tune-up just means that you’re waiting until the last possible chance to address repairs. That usually means that you’re addressing a major repair instead of a minor need that costs a lot of money or even a complete heater breakdown. If you could compare the costs side by side, it would be easy to say that tune-ups cost a lot less than more expensive repair bills.

Contact Mechanical Air Conditioning for your central air conditioning needs. Schedule an appointment for an AC tune-up today.

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