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A Few Reasons Why You Need a Dehumidifier

Do you feel like you’re in a constant battle with your air conditioning system? You might get cool but not exactly comfortable or you might not be able to achieve the level of comfort that you need. The frustrating thing about this is that it doesn’t have a clear-cut solution. There isn’t anything wrong with your air conditioning system, but it’s not working the way you want it to. The missing piece that you might need is a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers are a great system to add to your home. Humidity is often the real problem in your home rather than the actual heat. If you need a dehumidifier in West Palm Beach, FL then you should contact our team. We’re knowledgeable professionals with over 40 years in the industry.

What’s a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a system designed to remove excess humidity from your home’s air. Now, we know what you might be thinking, “I thought that my air conditioner did that.” Your air conditioner can remove some humidity, but Florida humidity is an entirely different beast. You might need extra help to combat the levels of humidity that we face.

Dehumidifiers work a lot like air conditioners. Moisture collects on a coil and then it drains away. But a dehumidifier doesn’t require as much energy to run as an air conditioner.

“It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity”

We know that you’ve heard this phrase countless times living here in Florida. High humidity makes you feel even hotter than you already are in hot weather. You’re going to feel warmer in your home when the air is too humid because the sweat can’t evaporate from your body as easily. Sweat is your body’s personal air conditioning system. If your body is unable to cool properly, you’re not going to be able to achieve the level of comfort you’d like.

Humidity is tricky. Ideally, you want humidity levels between 30% and 50%. If the humidity dips below 30%, your home will feel dry and so will your body. You’ll deal with things like static shock, peeling paint, and dry skin, hair, and nails. If your humidity levels climb above 50%, then your home will start to feel like a swamp.

Why You Need One

So, you’re probably wondering why you should install a dehumidifier in your home. Here are a few compelling reasons:

Your dehumidifier helps you save money

A dehumidifier can lessen your reliance on your air conditioning system. If you use your air conditioner less during high heat, you can lower your energy bills overall.

It keeps you comfortable

You can feel cooler faster with the assistance of a dehumidifier.

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