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If you want to take more control over your comfort in your Lake Park, Florida, home, a Carrier thermostat may be the answer. Every aspect of these thermostats is specifically designed to give you ultimate home comfort at the push of a button. With streamlined features, an easy-to-use interface and plenty of extras, Carrier thermostats are the best choice for the perfect temperature.

Infinity Remote Access Touch Control

If you apply a ‘go big or go home’ mantra to your life, the Infinity Remote Access Touch Control thermostat is the only realistic choice. This top-of-the-line thermostat handles every aspect of your home’s temperature with its easy-to-use touch-screen display.

From this display or via a Wi-Fi connection, you can manage humidity, ventilation, airflow, temperature and indoor air quality. The Remote Access thermostat can also provide comfort zoning in up to eight rooms in your home, saving you money and energy.

Cor Wi-Fi Thermostat

Certified by Energy Star, the Cor Wi-Fi thermostat uses enhanced engineering to save homeowners on their annual heating and cooling costs. To achieve up to 20 percent in savings, the Cor goes beyond manual programming to actually “learn” your behaviors. It adjusts itself manually while still meeting your standards for comfort.

To make it even easier to save money, the Cor provides you with a monthly usage statement. It also offers tips on how to cut your energy usage even further.

If you have a Carrier furnace or heat pump, you can also take advantage of Hybrid Heat, which syncs the thermostat with these units to provide excellent heating at a fraction of the cost. Wi-Fi capabilities also make it quick and easy to adjust the Cor from anywhere in the world, whether you’re returning home from work late or you’ve left for vacation without adjusting your settings accordingly.

Comfort Programmable Touch-N-Go Thermostat

You don’t have to go high-tech to an exponential degree with your thermostat. If you won’t ever use the Wi-Fi capability, there’s no sense in spending more to get it. If this describes you, the Comfort Programmable Touch-N-Go thermostat is a perfect fit. It sheds the Wi-Fi capabilities but still keeps a ton of the features you want. When you have a different schedule from weekdays to weekends, this thermostat offers separate programs for Monday through Friday and Saturday to Sunday.

Another nice feature of this thermostat is the Touch-N-Go feature. With just one touch of the thermostat, you can instantly set your programmed settings, whether you’re at home, away or ready for bed. This adds another layer of savings that you can only get with a Carrier thermostat.

Performance Edge Programmable Thermostat

When you want a programmable thermostat without having to worry about it ruining your decor, the Performance Edge is the one for you. With seven face-plate covers, you can pick one to match paint colors, furniture or flooring. However, that’s just one of the many awesome specs of this thermostat.

Unlike other programmable thermostats, the Performance Edge has both a seven-day programmable option as well as a 5/2 option. This allows you to program weekends and weekdays separately, helping you achieve maximum energy savings every day of the week.

Infinity Touch Control

For a fully loaded thermostat, opt for the Infinity Touch Control. Offering plenty of programmable settings, ideal humidity management, vacation mode and ventilation management, it’s easily one of the most sophisticated options on the market.

The TrueSense dirty filter detection system notifies you when it’s time to change the filter in your HVAC system. The thermostat also warns you if maintenance and repairs are necessary.

When you ditch your old manual thermostat, you need professional installation to ensure your new model runs well. At Mechanical Air, we pride ourselves on delivering the best service and quality installation in the industry. After you choose your favorite Carrier thermostat, give us a call at 561-899-4587 to schedule an appointment.

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