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Today’s tightly constructed homes make it easier to enjoy year-round comfort, but they can also trap harmful contaminants inside. In areas like Delray Beach, Florida, high temperatures and humidity levels can magnify problems with indoor air quality (IAQ). From allergens like dust mites and pollen to household chemicals, indoor pollutants are nothing to sneeze at. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) affects your comfort and well-being, and it can impact your wallet too.

Your Health

Indoor air pollution can lead to health problems ranging from sinus infections to chronic conditions like asthma. Those with existing cardiovascular or respiratory conditions are impacted the most, but long-term exposures affects healthy individuals too. Even if symptoms aren’t noticeable, to protect your well-being, it’s important to take steps to improve poor IAQ.

Your Comfort

From off-gassed chemicals to fungi, the majority of airborne contaminants are too small to see. Most are smaller than a micron, or one millionth of a meter. For homes with central heating and cooling, these tiny particulates can have a big impact on HVAC performance and your comfort. Problems run the gamut from clogged air filters and lackluster airflow to stuffy rooms and musty odors.

Your Savings

Pollutants can damage your property and affect air conditioning efficiency, resulting in undesired expenditure. Energy bills rise when your heater or air conditioner has to run for longer periods to maintain desired temperatures. Harmful contaminants can cause pest and insect infestations as well. Poor HVAC performance linked to indoor pollution can eventually lead to the need for early system replacement.

Your HVAC Investment

When you live in subtropical South Florida, a well-operating HVAC system is a necessity, not a luxury. It makes sense to protect the investment you’ve made in your comfort from pollutants that can shorten its life. From germ-killing UV lights to whole-home filtration systems, IAQ products can help to make your home healthier. They can also extend HVAC life and improve the efficiency of your home’s comfort systems.

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