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The hot, humid climate in West Palm Beach, Florida, can lead to many homeowners running their AC system every day. While it helps to keep you cool, all that work for your air conditioner can take a toll on your ductwork. Learn more about air duct sanitizing to find out if this service might help your AC system run more efficiently.

How Air Duct Sanitizing Works

Your HVAC filters help to keep debris, dust and other particles out of your ducts. However, even regular filter changes may not be enough to keep your ductwork completely clean. Some particles still manage to get through, which is why most HVAC professionals recommend periodic air duct sanitizing. Generally, you should schedule this service once every one to two years.

At Mechanical Air Conditioning, we use a high-tech, chemical-free green process to sanitize your ducts, It’s safe for everyone in your home. It uses ultraviolet (UV) light to produce a variety of natural oxidizers, including hydro-peroxides, hydroxides and super oxide ions. These oxidizers completely destroy microbes, pollutants, gases and odors, rather than just covering them up.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Ductwork

When you have your ductwork sanitized, it helps to eliminate unwanted odors and bacterial growth in your home. It’s a great way to improve your indoor air quality and enjoy a more comfortable indoor environment. Many people find that it also eases their allergy or asthma symptoms since fewer irritants make their way into your home via the ductwork.

Having clean ductwork also helps your air conditioning system to run more efficiently. When there’s nothing blocking the air from getting through, your AC system uses less energy to cool your home. This leads to more cost-effective cooling, which is especially important in our hot climate.

Are you ready to enjoy improved HVAC efficiency and better indoor air quality? Schedule your air duct sanitizing service by giving Mechanical Air Conditioning a call at 561-899-4587 today.

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