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Whether you’re saving for holiday presents or a spring vacation, winter energy costs can make it harder to reach your goals. You don’t have to turn down the heat, however, to hold onto your hard-earned dollars. From home energy evaluations to HVAC fixes, there are many ways to cut your utility bills down to size. The following cost-effective solutions can help you to reduce your energy costs so you save money in your Lake Worth, Florida, home this winter — and they’re easy to implement too.

Seal the Envelope

When outdoor temperatures fall, the last thing you want is for the air you’ve paid to heat to escape outside. Armed with a can of spray-foam insulation and caulking, seal any gap or crack in your home’s exterior walls. The most common sources of air infiltration include:

  • Electrical, plumbing, phone, cable and gas service conduits
  • Gaps around dryer vents, mail chutes and outdoor water faucets
  • Loose-fitting windows, cracks in sashes and gaps under doors

Home Energy Evaluations

While you can spot obvious problems like drafty windows on your own, it’s not always easy to recognize other energy-wasters. For maximum savings, hire an expert to do the job correctly. Professional home energy evaluations utilize specialized tools like infrared cameras to pinpoint problems. Implementing the audit’s recommended changes can lower energy costs by up to 30 percent.

HVAC Solutions

Ensuring that your heating and cooling equipment runs at peak efficiency is critical when it comes to lowering energy costs. Your trusted HVAC provider offers a variety of products and services designed to save money and enhance your comfort:

  • Smart thermostats adjust temperature settings according to your schedule, switching to energy-saving mode when you’re away.
  • Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance for your HVAC systems more than pays for itself in annual energy savings.
  • Clean air filters delivered to your door make it easy to ensure HVAC efficiency isn’t impaired by dust and debris.

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