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Serving the Treasure Coast


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Is Your Furnace Ready for Cold Weather?

Trust us, we understand that “Florida” and “cold weather” are two things that don’t really go together. It’s not all that cold here even in the dead of winter. However, it is cold enough for you to need a reliable heater. If your heater has been failing you this winter and you need furnace service in Palm Beach Gardens, then you should come to our team members.

You don’t want your home’s furnace to have small problems now that mount to greater problems later. It’s bad news. You’re walking right into a host of heating problems that just aren’t necessary. We’re going to run through a checklist today to make sure that you’re ready.

Is Your Heater Ready?

Here is a quick guide to gauge if your heater is ready to perform this winter:


Your heater is fine if…

  • You’re Warm: You’re warm, you’re cozy, and you really don’t have any complaints.
  • Your Bills Are Reasonable: Your heating bills are what you’re used to them being. There are no surprises nor are there any major spikes in the bill.
  • Everything Is Business As Usual: Homeowners aren’t always aware of this, but honestly speaking, anything that’s new or a surprise coming from your heater is a bad sign.

Could Use a Little Help

Your heater is showing some concerning operation signs if…

  • Odd Run Times: You’re starting to notice that sometimes your heater runs on a really short cycle. You could have been having the opposite problem where your heater runs for a particularly long time too.
  • New Noises: You’re also starting to notice sounds that you’ve never really heard before. There’s a weird scraping sound that happens after your heater runs for a while, you hear banging throughout the cycle, and you’ve started to notice that you hear squeaking when you’re closer to the unit. Any new noise that you hear is a bad sign. We can find the source of your issue for you.
  • Rising Heating Bills: Your heating bills aren’t too high, but you definitely notice that things are starting to rise. Now, it’s important to factor in that you should definitely expect your heating bills a little higher this year because you’re spending more time at home. If things start to mount outside of a reasonable range, then you need better heating efficiency.

Contact Us ASAP

Your heater needs urgent help if…

  • Astronomical Heating Bills: Your heating bills are more than rising, they’re astronomical. This isn’t something you should ever ignore. If you notice this, then you need extra help from a heating professional.
  • Difficult Operation: Do you have trouble getting your heater to start up? Maybe you have trouble even getting your heater to operate the way you want it to. These are all signs of bad operation and you need heating help.
  • Low Comfort: You’re always struggling to stay warm. You can’t seem to get the heating you’re looking for no matter what you do. Low comfort is a sign of a declining heating system.

Contact Mechanical Air Conditioning today for your heating needs. Your Trusted Choice in A/C Repair.

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