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Average temperatures in Jupiter, Florida, typically hover between the upper 60s and low 80s year-round. Though this sounds idyllic, residents know that actual daily temperatures can veer far away from the averages. These temps swing from highs over 100 in the summer to lows that dip close to 30 in the winter. For optimum comfort throughout the year, you’ll likely need a heating solution to complement your air conditioner.

The Heating Question

New residents to Florida often wonder whether they’ll need a heater in the warm and tropical climate. Though your heater won’t work as hard as your air conditioner, you’ll probably want some type of system in place to help you battle the winter chill. Average lows from January to March dip below 40, so a little added warmth is usually welcome, particularly at night and during cold spells.

Heating Options

There are many different heating products that you can use to warm your home. Furnaces and packaged units are the most traditional solutions. If you like to keep things extra toasty, these may still serve as an ideal option for your home. However, you should also consider the merits of heat pumps in Florida’s climate. Since the winter lows aren’t as extreme as in other states around the country, a heat pump is an affordable and efficient option worth consideration.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pumps don’t generate heat the way a furnace does. Instead, they transfer heat from one location to another. Though you can’t feel it, heat is always present in the air. A heat pump will pull the available heat from the outside air and transfer it into your home. This makes them one of the most efficient options available for keeping your home in Jupiter, Florida, warm.

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