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Houseplants are a wonderful way to improve your home’s air quality. Plants are an effective and natural way to clean up the air you and your kids breathe every day in Lake Park, Florida. Here are three of our favorite houseplants that help boost your indoor air quality:

Spider Plant

Spider plants are known for their distinctive green and white striped leaves as well as their cute offshoots, which are smaller versions of the main plant (you can also use these to propagate even more spider plants!). These hardy plants look great indoors, as long as they get enough light.

They’re best at pulling formaldehyde and xylene out of the air, improving your home’s safety and indoor air quality. They’re notoriously difficult to kill, making them perfect for novice gardeners. Another great benefit: Their leaves are non-toxic to pets.


Ficus trees are great choices for homeowners who want lush greenery indoors without having to deal with high maintenance plants. These small trees are excellent at pulling toxins, including formaldehyde, out of the air. Plus, they don’t emit pollen that can irritate sensitive lungs.

You should water ficus plants once their soil dries out. They do best in bright yet indirect sunlight.

Keep them away from your pets, though. Ingesting their leaves can cause stomach irritation.

Boston Fern

Boston ferns are unique in that they’re one of the few indoor plants that return humidity to their environment. That makes them a popular choice for families with sensitive lungs who may benefit from the extra humidity. They also pull out lots of toxins from the air.

Boston ferns need to stay moist with indirect lighting. But they’re hardy plants and are safe for your pets. However, if your pet does chew on the fronds, you’ll find yourself with dead leaves. Boston ferns shed leaves more than the other two plants and can also grow to massive sizes.

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