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An air conditioner filter removes dust particles from the air and helps circulate clean air in your Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, home. It prevents dust particles from entering the internal components of your AC unit and increases the equipment’s lifespan. You should change your air conditioner filter regularly to promote good health and keep your unit running at optimum efficiency. It’s a very basic maintenance task, and here is how to go about it.

Locate and Remove Your Air Conditioner Filter

An air conditioner filter is usually located near the return air vent in the indoor unit. In case the of centralized AC, it’s often inside a grille in your ceiling. The location varies depending upon the type of air conditioning system installed in your home. After locating the AC filter, remove it. Use a screwdriver to pull back the screws before pulling the filter out from the slot. Before you begin removing the filter, be sure to turn off the unit at the mains.

Determine the Filter Type

In order to buy a new filter, you need to decide on the type and size of the filter. You may go for an upgrade, but make sure the new filter proves compatible with your system. Fiberglass filters resembling a window screen are the traditional choice, but pleated filters do a better job. Electronic filters are capable of removing more varieties of pollutants. Higher quality filters last longer and require replacement less often.

Install the New Filter

Once you have the new filter, slide it into the slot from where you took out the old one. Look out for the arrow mark on the filter; it will show you direction of the air flow. It’s extremely important that you put the filter in this direction. Once done, put back the filter cover and refasten the screws, if any.

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