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Serving the Treasure Coast


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You Don’t Want to Hear These AC Noises

Your air conditioner isn’t silent. It should make some sounds that blend into the background of your home along with the sound of those squeaky floorboards, the creak of your front door when it opens, or the ding of your microwave going off. Although you should expect some noise from your air conditioner, you shouldn’t expect loud or unexpected noises from your air conditioner.

If you want air conditioning repair in Palm City, FL, then you should contact our professionals for these services. We’re always prepared to help you with your needs. Contact a professional if you notice any of the following sounds…

Watch Out for These Sounds

Here are some bad sounds that you don’t want to hear from your air conditioner.

1.      Buzzing

Buzzing is one of those noises that you might hear when your air conditioner is on or off. Buzzing is a noise that typically indicates an electrical issue. This could stem from your thermostat, or it could stem from a deeper problem with your air conditioning system.

When you hear a buzzing sound, you should absolutely contact an HVAC professional. Electrical issues are a problem for your home. We’re prepared to help you when it comes to this buzzing sound that you hear.

2.      Grinding

There’s a loud, mechanical grinding noise that you hear whenever you run your air conditioner. This is a clear sign that things have worn down in your home. Unfortunately, this is a problem that denotes a pretty big issue. You might need a new compressor and we’re prepared to help.

3.      Squealing

Squealing is a funny noise that you hear that really indicates a deeper flaw with your AC system. This noise points to damage within your compressor. What you’re hearing is the internal pressure built up inside attempting to release itself. This is a sound that requires urgent air conditioning care. It can actually lead to a myriad of air conditioning problems too. You should turn off your system and contact a professional as soon as possible if you hear this.

4.      Whacking

A whacking or thwapping noise is typically something that’s indicative of a problem with your blower blades. This is a problem that can be solved with the help of a professional. We’re prepared to find the source of your whacking and fix it as soon as possible.

5.      Rattling

A rattling sound can actually point to a few different problems depending on where you’re hearing it.

If you hear the rattling happening from the outdoor unit, then what you likely have is a loose part. The sound you’re hearing is the loose part in your home getting blown around as your air conditioner tries to work.

If you hear the rattling sound all over your home, then you probably have a problem with your home’s ductwork. You might have some cracking or gapping somewhere. We’re prepared to help you out with this.

Contact Mechanical Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment with our professionals. Your Trusted Source in AC Repair.

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