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Serving the Treasure Coast


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Get Ready for the Hot Weather With AC Maintenance

Let’s face it, here in Florida we never really stop using our air conditioners for long, no matter the season. But as summer approaches, your air conditioner will be ramping up for heavy use as it works to keep your home cool all season long. Now is a great time to schedule air conditioning maintenance in Riviera Beach, FL.

You can make sure that your air conditioner is in the best shape possible to work all summer long without any hiccups. Keep reading to learn more about why you want to schedule AC maintenance now instead of putting off the service for later.

Prepare in Advance

It’s always better to take a proactive approach vs. a reactive one. When you are proactive, you schedule AC maintenance ahead of any obvious repair needs. This gives our team an opportunity to address any small things that are beginning to go wrong inside of your air conditioner before they become major problems that have obvious signs and affect how well your air conditioner is able to operate.

When you keep up with maintenance year after year, you’re less likely to have to schedule repairs at all. This is because our team can fix things right away instead of waiting until an issue is a major repair need. For example, during AC maintenance we may notice that components need to be cleaned out and re-lubricated. 

This is a step that we can take during an AC maintenance appointment each year. Skipping out on AC maintenance means that the dirt and grime will continue to build up in between gears. Your air conditioner may begin grinding and making loud sounds during operation. 

But grinding isn’t just a nuisance. It can actually cause unusual wear patterns on components and leave lasting damage. When you address the root cause of the problem and get rid of the grime buildup, you can prevent this lasting damage.

Save Money

Maintenance is often a cheaper investment than more costly repairs. Maintaining your air conditioner costs less because you are being proactive. When left alone, one repair need can cause damage to spread and affect a larger area inside of your air conditioner.

Addressing maintenance needs now—and consistently year after year—can reduce the number of repairs that you have to make or the severity of repairs. But that’s not the only way you save money. Maintaining your air conditioner is a great way to boost energy efficiency. When your air conditioner is energy efficient, it cost less to operate both now and across its entire lifespan.

Instead of losing efficiency and paying more for your operating costs, you can stabilize those costs and save money on your monthly energy bills for years to come. Plus, taking care of your air conditioner is a great way to extend its lifespan. The more years that you can get out of your existing unit before replacing it, the more you are getting out of that initial investment.

Just think, if you have to replace your air conditioner once every 10 years because you skip out on maintenance, you’ll have to replace it three times over as many decades. But if you invest in maintenance, you can get 15 years or possibly longer out of your air conditioner. That saves you the cost of an entire AC replacement over the same period of time. 

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