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Why Your AC System Isn’t Cooling You

Summer is over, but we’re in South Florida, so we aren’t turning off our AC units anytime soon. You still need cool air to blow for a while longer until cooler weather does set in. That means you want your AC to work right every time. But what happens if you aren’t feeling cool air anymore?

That means it’s time to invest in AC repair in Wellington, FL. Our team can help by completing an expert inspection to determine what is wrong with your system. We know that waiting to find out what’s wrong with your AC can be nerve-wracking, and many homeowners want to search online and figure it out for themselves—even when the professionals are on the way! If that sounds like you, keep reading to learn why your AC system isn’t cooling you.

Air Filter

You change your air filter every single month. Or do you? It’s easy to forget when it’s something you only do once a month. Skipping out on changing your air filter may be an accident, but it can lead to AC problems. A dirty filter can affect how well your AC can cool your home. Dust and dirt can get into the gears and fans, slowing them down.

Basically, your AC system is clogged up with dust and dirt that an air filter should have caught. But if your air filter gets full, it can’t hold any more dust and dirt, so those particles get through. The good news is, your system may just need a good cleaning to work efficiently again.


Losing out on cold air can also be a problem with your thermostat. The thermostat measures your indoor air temperatures and tells your air conditioner when to turn on and cool your home. If the thermostat isn’t calibrated correctly, it may not tell your air conditioner when to blow cool air. Even if you have the temperature setting right, it’s not communicating correctly with your HVAC system. This is usually an easy fix.

Condenser Fan

While filters and thermostats are relatively easy fixes, a problem with your condenser fan is more serious. Your outdoor unit has a condenser fan that helps to release hot air from your unit outside your home. When the condenser fan is broken, it cannot blow the air across the outside coil for release. This can lead to warm air getting trapped inside your AC unit and recirculating through your home.

Compressor Motor

If something is wrong with the motor inside of your air conditioner, that can also be an expensive problem. The fan may be blowing, but the compressor is the part of your AC that helps to cool the air before it blows into your home. When the compressor motor malfunctions, your AC cannot produce cool air as you want.

No matter what the problem is, our team can help. Sometimes there are several smaller problems that can add up and lead to a loss of cool air. It’s important to call and get professional service at the first indication of a problem before it worsens.

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