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Heating Repair & Installation Services in West Palm Beach, FL

As a highly-rated HVAC contractor in Lake Worth, Florida, and the surrounding area, you can count on Mechanical Air Conditioning for all your heating needs. Our technicians are trained in all areas of heating repair, heating system installation, and heating system maintenance. As your heating contractor, you can expect reliable and expert service whenever you call.

Heating Repair

So we can consistently provide excellent service to you, we make it a standard to hire only the best and most qualified technicians. Our team can service any kind of heating system. We repair common heat pump problems and make sure you and your loved ones are comfortable, no matter what the Florida weather brings.

We don’t only make repairs; we also check to make sure that any existing concern hasn’t created problems in other areas. We also check for electrical problems. Our repairs keep your safety in mind and that is why we always take the time to conduct thorough evaluations.

Emergency Heating Repair

You can’t afford to be left out in the cold. When the cold weather hits, even a few minutes of exposure to extreme cold weather can have serious consequences. We are committed to quick response times so your system is up and running again as quickly as possible.

We are always ready with the right equipment and expertise to minimize delay. When you need emergency heating repairs, call on Mechanical Air Conditioning for effective solutions.

Heating System Maintenance

One of the best ways to minimize the need for emergency repair, or repair in general, is with annual maintenance. Preventive maintenance is important whether your system is several years old or brand new. Our technicians will conduct a thorough assessment of your heating system with services that include:

  • Cleaning all components
  • Checking and replacing the filter if necessary
  • Checking connections
  • Ensuring all parts work as they should
  • Checking for faulty wiring
  • Checking the thermostat

Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of annual maintenance is that our technicians thoroughly inspect your system to identify and address any developing problems. This tuneup helps your system to work more efficiently so that you maximize comfort as well as savings.

Heating System Replacement & Heating Installation

Energy StarWhen you are looking for high-performance Energy Star systems with high AFUE and HSPF ratings, Mechanical Air Conditioning has you covered. We stock heat pumps that are effective in all kinds of winter weather.

System installation techniques are just as important as the type of heater you choose. Heating installation plays a big part in comfort, savings, and the life of your system. It is essential to select a heating contractor with expertise in HVAC installation.

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Going the Extra Mile in Palm Beach County

We know the best way to keep our customers is to strive continuously to exceed their expectations. This is a company-wide standard at Mechanical Air Conditioning. We work hard so our customers know they can count on us for all their heating needs.

Whether you need advice, products, or service, contact Mechanical Air Conditioning for effective heating solutions. If you are ready for preventive heat pump maintenance or a heating system repair, call us so we can keep you safe and comfortable all winter long.

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