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Ways You Can Help Your Heater Make It Through the Rest of Winter

If your heater is up there in age, you may be trying to make it through just one more winter season before needing to invest in a replacement. The good news is, our team can help. Just give us a call when you need heating services in Jupiter.

There are many times that we can make small tweaks or repairs to your heater to keep it operating through another winter season so you can plan ahead and save up for that replacement. You can also keep reading to learn our tips for how to make it through the winter season and lighten the load on your heater.

Schedule Maintenance

The best and maybe the only way to help your heater get through this winter season is by scheduling professional maintenance. This is especially true when you have an older heater that is near the end of its life. If you’re trying to get just another year or two out of your heater before you have to replace it, professional maintenance is the way to do just that. 

Our team can assess your heater and identify any problems it is having during operation. Then we can make tweaks and repairs to help keep it running through the current winter season. We can even offer tips for how you can use your heater to get the most out of it while also reducing strain.

Monitor Heating Usage

For example, it’s important to monitor how you are using your heater to make sure you are not expecting too much of it. Ideally, you should set your thermostat to around 68° for heating. Setting it a degree or two higher won’t add too much strain to the unit. 

But if you begin setting your thermostat to 74° or 75°, you may be causing your heater to work harder. While it doesn’t get terribly cold here in our area, we do have days that are colder than others. The lower the temperatures are outside, the harder your heater has to work to increase the temperature inside. 

Setting the thermostat a little lower can help your home stay reasonably comfortable without overworking the unit. It’s easy to gradually set your thermostat higher and higher as you try to keep your home warm. When you monitor thermostat settings regularly, you can avoid this problem altogether.

Reduce Dust Levels

Dirt and dust around your home can negatively affect your heater in a couple of different ways. First, it can get inside of the system and create a layer that poses a fire hazard when your heater reaches very high temperatures. But dust and dirt can also get into the crevices of your heater and dry up the lubrication that helps gears work together. 

When gears grind together, your heater has to work harder during operation to produce heat. This can increase your energy bills as well as put a strain on your heater that leads to breakdowns and shortens its lifespan.

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