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Warning Signs You Have Faulty or Damaged Ductwork in Your Business

The attached ductwork in your business has a very important role in heating and cooling. It must carry conditioned air from your HVAC system into the business itself. Depending on the size of your business, this can be a big job. 

It’s important to schedule an assessment for your commercial ductwork in Port St. Lucie, FL once every three to five years. This is an opportunity for our team to assess any repair or resealing needs you may have. You can keep reading to learn more about the importance of duct services for your business. 

High Energy Costs

Attached ductwork plays an important role in transporting heat from your commercial HVAC unit into your business. If there are holes in your ductwork or the ductwork is not laid out efficiently, then all of the heated air may not reach the rooms and spaces of your business. When this happens, your heater has to work harder to produce more heat to increase the indoor air temperature.

The harder your heating system has to work, the more energy it consumes. Your energy costs can creep up slowly, or jump up all at once. While any number of other factors could contribute to increasing energy costs, we encourage you to consider your ductwork as a potential reason. It’s better to get your ducts checked out if you are experiencing high energy costs so you will know if you need to have them fixed or look elsewhere for the cause.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

You may also notice that your indoor air quality is suffering when your ductwork has holes or broken seals. Dust and dirt can get into these holes and mix in with clean air, then blowing out into your business. The bigger problem with this is that bacteria and viruses can circulate with dust. 

You may have to wipe down surfaces more often or you may simply notice that your indoor air quality is not as great as it once was. This can be a major turn off for both customers and employees who work for your business. 

Lack of Heating or Cooling

Even if you don’t notice energy costs creeping up, you may be aware of the overall comfort inside of your business suffering. Your business may not feel as warm as it has in the past when your heater is turned on. It’s easy to think that there are other reasons for this happening, but there’s a chance your ductwork is contributing. 

Holes and broken seals in the ductwork attachments can allow heat to escape before ever reaching your business. Once these holes begin developing, they can worsen quickly and allow more and more air to escape.

Contact Mechanical Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment for your commercial heating needs, including duct inspections.

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