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Serving the Treasure Coast


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How an HRV or ERV System Might Be Able to Help You

Are you wondering what you can do to improve your home’s indoor air quality? You’ve got a lot of options when it comes to IAQ. We know that many of you out there like to do your own research. We actually encourage this. We also understand that things can come to a point where you might need the knowledge of a professional to back your research. We’re here when this time comes.

We’re here to help you with your indoor air quality services in in West Palm Beach, FL. Today, we want to discuss HRV and ERV systems. We’ll give you a run down of both systems and talk about the benefits.

What Are They?

HRV and ERV systems are whole-house ventilation systems. They’re in charge of ventilating your home while keeping your energy loss to a minimum.

HRV and ERV systems are great because in the summer, they pre-cool your air before it comes into your home. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice the temperature of your home’s internal temperature just to have fresh air. It improves the quality of your home while reducing the overall strain of your system.

The Benefits

All of the above sounds great, but what does it really mean for you or look like in practice?

The main benefit of having an HRV or ERV system is a point we touched on above—keeping your home’s internal temperature constant while circulating in fresh air.

We all have those days. You’re at home during the hottest point of the summer and you’ve had your home sealed up tight while running your air conditioner for days. It’s cool… but it’s starting to feel a little stuffy. You have two options, you can open up your windows and let in some humid, hot air or you can tough it out without the right temperature balance. This is where an HRV or ERV system could step in to do the work for you.

Which One Is Better?

This is another one of the most common questions that we hear from customers. It’s not really a question of what’s better, it’s more of a question of what’s right for you. We’re going to start off talking about the differences between the two systems.

The main difference is that an HRV system just transfers heat while an ERV system transfers both heat and moisture. If you’re someone who struggles with humidity balance, then we’d suggest stepping things up to an ERV system.

Why Professional Service Counts

Professional service is something that you should always have for the HVAC systems in your home. Trust when we say that you can have the best ERV system or HRV system available on the market, but the system might not be able to perform without the right service. We’re here to help you find the right service for your home. You can get everything you need from our helpful professionals.

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